Agenda for the New Year/ Indran Amirthanayagam


Let us make peace this New

Year in our homes, our streets,

in our letters, our tweets,

our support for refugees, and

administration of just laws,

and rewriting of unjust decrees

and rules in our fifty states

and our one globe. Let freedom

take up the reins everywhere

and let us not build weapons

of our own destruction. Let us

bury hatchets and disputes, be

kind to our neighbors! Let us

not build any more walls.

Let us use wind, water and

sun to energize us. Let us go

to the streets and into media

streams to speak freely and

protect the back of our democracy.

Let us get our queer and straight

hearts to pump and pump,

our black and white minds

to strip off the fungus of

difference from our daily bread

and let us eat together and

crush grapes together and work

everywhere to remind the houses

of power that people give and

people take away, and we

the people are writing this poem.

December 24, 2016

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  1. Indran escribió:

    Increible donde encuentras fotos

    1. PEDRO GRANADOS AGUERO Autor escribió:

      Cada texto atrae sus propias fotos, caro Indran, que jalo de la Internet. Largos saludos hasta el 2018. Pedro

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