Posthuman Street

Photo by María C. Piazza (1956 – 2021)

A street (scenography in  package, not just painted).

(Darkness) A beam of light settles in the center of the stage, waits a moment, becomes restless, moves slowly towards one end, stops, zigzags back searching, goes crazy, walks the entire street at will, rests at one end, she tries to return to the center, but stopping again resignedly vanishes from the stage.

(Daylight) The entire set advances towards the stalls and stops almost at its threshold. These voices are heard muffled:

Pink Wall: That light

Gray Wall: Your wishes are imposed on memory

Blue Wall: Those who inhabited us searched for it until the last moment

Pink Wall: Especially the teenagers in their weeping

Gray Wall: And we powerless, always so powerless

Blue Wall: Yes, each one was left alone, very alone

Pink Wall: Children masturbated to scare off the terror

Blue Wall: They were blind to our affection, to our gratitude

Gray Wall: Some adults waited at the edge of the sea

Pink Wall: Others waited in the mountains

Blue Wall: At least they had that privilege

Gray Wall: The others were simply consumed by their own death

Blue Wall: At the expense of our lives

Pink Wall: Which we always wanted to share with them

Gray Wall: And they didn’t listen to us

Blue Wall: They spoke to each other in very loud voices

Pink Wall: Or did not speak

Gray Wall: They stepped on each other, and loudly

Blue Wall: We have their virtues!

Gray Wall: And our own nature

All: We hope the wind never blows too hard and often

Pink Wall: Just enough

Blue Wall: So that it’ll carry our voices to the other cities



Exercise written, approximately, around 1980; and preserved unpublished to this day.

©Pedro Granados, 2022.

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