Poetry After the Invention of América


These essays trace the Western poem as it confronts indigenous alterity in Latin America. Andrés Ajens approaches literature as a Western invention and seeks connections between the two traditions. This book discusses a wide range of indigenous American, Hispanic, and European texts, with a focus on language, authorship, genre, and translation.

About the Author(s)
Andrés Ajens

Andrés Ajens is the author of numerous books, essays, and poems and co-edits the journal Mar con Soroche.

Michelle Gil-Montero’s translations have appeared in Conjunctions, Circumference, Cipher, Jacket, Almost Island, and in the forthcoming anthology 500 Years of Latin American Poetry.

Table of Contents

Preface–Erín Moure and Forrest Gander * Foreword–Alberto Moreiras * Indigenous Litter-ature * Drinking on the Pre-mises: The K’ulta “Poem” * Language, Poetry, Money * Crossbreed: Examining the Braid of Fiction * Aged War * Overborders * A Fatherless Poem? * Umiri—Misturaski * Flower of Extermination * And/or to Live to Tell It * Kissed-Into the Shared Today of Mapuche Letters * On Amerindian Language and (Contemporary) Poetry * the unheard-of in poetry¦today * How Can We Fail to Respond? * Nobody in Chilean Poetry * Sticking Your Foot in It * Flat-Out: A Call for Pampa Poetry * The Occasionals

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