Diferencia entre psicología cultural y psicología transcultural

Muchas personas confunden la psicología cultural con la psicología transcultural, pero son dos cosas muy distintas. Aquí un par de ideas tomadas de:

Shweder, R. A., Goodnow, J., Hatano, G., LeVine, R., Markus, H., & Miller, P. (2007). The cultural psychology of development: One mind, many mentalities. In W. Damon (Ed.). Handbook of Child Psychology, Sixth edition, Vol. I. Theoretical Models of Human Development. New York: Wiley (pp. 716-792)

“At least since the time of Herder and Vico in the eighteenth century, cultural psychology has been a label for the reciprocal investigation of both the psychological foundations of cultural communities and the cultural foundations of mind. It has been a designation for the study of how culture and psyche make each other up. Alternatively stated, cultural psychology is the study of all the things members of different communities mentally experience (know, think, want, feel, value), and hence do, by virtue of being the kinds of beings who are the beneficiaries, guardians, and active perpetuators of a particular cultural tradition.

G. Miller (1997b) envisions the difference between cultural psychology and cross-cultural psychology in theoretical terms … She suggests, “The dominant stance within cultural psychology is to view culture and psychology as mutually constitutive phenomena which cannot be reduced to each other.” She adds that such a stance “contrasts with the tendency in cross-cultural psychology for culture to be conceptualized as an independent variable that impacts on the dependent variable of individual psychology.”

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    es buena la diferencia que hacen notar

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