Debates en la historia de la psicología

Para quienes quieran leer un poco sobre algunas posturas teóricas en la historia de la psicología y las posiciones que tomaban unas respecto de las otras, recomiendo este breve artículo de Elliot Turiel. De paso se leerá algo relacionado a como las personas desarrollamos la capacidad de oponernos a las injusticias.

Turiel, E. (2004). Historical Lessons: The Value of Pluralism in Psychological Research. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly 50, 4, 535-545

Copio el abstract:

Psychologists tend to proclaim that their favored theoretical approach is the wave of the future that will replace existing paradigms. Typically, these proclamations, dating back to the early part of the 20th century, include the assertion that the new ideas will be resisted. However, opposing perspectives are often proclaimed to be the wave of the future. Such proclamations are counterproductive because they speak against pluralism in research and theory when the evidence does not settle matters. Nevertheless, it is useful, in measured ways, to consider accomplishments and needed future directions. Recent findings suggest that social and moral development is most adequately explained as stemming from children’s multiple social interactions. Children’s social relationships involve a combination of cooperation and conflict, as well as social harmony and social opposition. An important challenge is to understand how people oppose and resist injustices embedded in societal arrangements and cultural practices.

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