Cita de Blasi

Esta es una excelente cita de Augusto Blasi, que ayuda a entender su concepto de self moral. Está criticando las aproximaciones que no toman en cuenta al agente moral:

They lightly mix the language of impersonal causation with that of personal agency, without bothering to explain the relations between the two sets of expressions, seemingly unaware that such relations are far from obvious and ought to be justified; in particular, they do not explain how intentions –that’s where moral agency begins – are linked to a person’s system, structure, or stage. In other words, in all these approaches the focus is on the impersonal tools – traits, emotions, structures, stages – by which behaviour is produced, and not on the person agent using the tools.
Blasi, A. (2013) The self and the management of the moral life. En: K. Heinrichs, F. Oser & T. Lovat (Eds.). Handbook of Moral Motivation: Theories, Models, Applications. p. 229–248.

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