Competencia moral y resolución de conflictos – Georg Lind

Les  aviso del evento que está organizando Georg Lind en Alemania. Pongo abajo el texto que él mismo me envió. Si alguien está por allí o estará en esas fechas, les recomiendo asistir.

Dice Georg:

I want to invite you to submit a proposal for the 8th International Symposium on Moral-Democratic Competence in Konstanz, July 31 – Aug. 1, 2014, in Konstanz, Germany. The deadline is January 31, 2014.

Moral ideals – like respect, justice, cooperation, and democracy – are shared by almost all people. However, it is not enough to have such ideals. When we want to live together according to these ideals then we must also have the ability to solve conflicts and dilemmas on the basis of these ideals through deliberation and discussion, rather than through deceit, fraud, violence, and abuse of power. As studies show, people with high moral-democratic competence are indeed better prepared to help and cooperate with others. They show lower rates of violence, drug consumption, and criminal offenses, and more helping behavior, quicker decision-making, and effective learning. Moral-democratic competence is not inborn, and it comes not with age: It must be developed and fostered through education.

For fostering moral-democratic competence, Georg Lind has created the Konstanzer Methode der Dilemma-Diskussion (KMDD), which is a thoroughly revised and extended version of the Blatt-Kohlberg method. The KMDD is used in many institutions of education, i.e., elementary, middle and high schools, in vocational training, rehabilitation in prisons, adult education, and military training. The effects of the KMDD have shown to be very strong and sustainable. But like all methods it is productive only if it is used by well-trained and certified teachers. Lind offers a one-week KMDD workshop-seminar in July 2014, open for professors, teachers, and students in all areas of education (schools grade 3 upward). For more information and registration see: 

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