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Georg Lind me avisa que ha salido publicado su artículo The meaning and measurement of moral judgment competence revisited – A dual-aspect model, como parte del libro que pueden ver en la imagen. Como muchos saben, el MJT (Moral Judgment Test) es uno de los instrumentos de competencia moral más usados en Latinoamerica gracias a que está traducido al español y ha sido ampliamente utilizado en México y Colombia, países en los que el propio Georg ha trabajado durante algún tiempo.

Copio el comentario que me envió Georg:

While there are many German articles and books published on the the MJT, this chapter is the first comprehensive English article on it.

This article has a long history. It was inspired by Lawrence Kohlberg’s (1981) title The meaning and measurement of moral development of his seminal Heinz Werner Memorial Lectures. Personally I believe that they are one of the best of Larry’s publications. I wrote a short paper in response to it, just for myself, not criticizing Kohlberg but sharpening his methodological points.

In 1995, I was invited by Norman Sprinthal to speak at North Carolina State University in Raleigh about the Moral Judgment Test, for which I used an enlarged version with a slightly modified title: The meaning and measurement of moral judgment competence — revisted. Norman predicted strong reactions by the American audience because I was quite critical about the DIT. A first aversive omen was that I lost all of my honorarium to the bureaucracy of North Carolina State University because they did not madvise me that I needed a special US-visa in order to get the honorarium.

In the same year, I believe, I was invited to make a presentation at the Moral Development and Education SIG business meeting on this topic, for which I used a revised version of my Raleigh presentation. By then, my friend Jim Rest and his colleagues had got a hold of my paper, and wrote a very elaborate response, published in the Journal of Educational Psychology in 1997. I liked it but it did not convince me.

About a century ago, Dan Fasko and Wayne Willis asked me to update and revise my paper and submit it for publication in their fine book. Finally, after many years of waiting, it is now available. I was afraid that by now it is outdated. When I caught myself reading it eagerly as if it was a brand new paper by someone else, I exhailed. If I would have to publish it again, I do not feel that I would need to make any major changes besides correcting typos and adding new references.

If you are looking for a representative article on the MJT, this is it.

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