Journal of Research in Character Education

Marvin Berkowitz con mucho ímpetu saca un nuevo journal, el Journal of Research in Character Education. Me acaba de enviar este aviso de invitación a suscribirse y enviar publicaciones, que decidí poner aquí para los interesados. Felizmente Marvin entiende la educación del caracter en el sentido más amplio, así que su journal es pluralista.

Volume 4 of the Journal of Research in Character Education just hit the streets! It includes articles by Marilyn Watson (Long-term effects of moral./character education in elementary school), Stephen Sherblom et al. (The relationship between school climate and math and reaching achievement), Elisha Chambers et al. (Achievement and at-risk middle school students’ perspectives of academic support), and Marco Munoz and Judy Vanderhaar (Literacy embedded character education in a large urban district).

We have also inaugurated a section called “VOICES: A practitioner’s column.” The first one is written by Mark Kasen (Respect with attitude). Kasen is a second career urban high school teacher.

Furthermore there are two book reviews.

If you don’t already subscribe (or your institution doesn’t), please consider doing so. Remember, members of the Character Education Partnership get a substantial subscription reduction.

Perhaps most importantly, we are always on the look-out for submissions. Please consider submitting manuscripts to us. The journal focuses on research (particularly school-based outcome research) in the area of character education (broadly defined to include social-emotional learning, service learning, school-based prevention, etc.). But we also publish theoretical articles, methodological articles, and other manuscripts of relevance.

To learn how to subscribe or submit an article, go to:

Or to the publisher (Information Age Publishing) website:

Or feel free to contact me ( or my co-editor, Steve Sherblom, (

Aquí les dejo este enlace a un artículo suyo de divulgación:

What schools can do? – Haynes y Berkowitz

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