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Another one died. Although he thought in a negative way, sometimes was near to a neutral way. Without many preferences and just try to accept what there is, object whereby any could say “laziness!” or “conformism!”, don’t left neither nothing positive nor riches. There is no sense fight against the time, space, fate or something more powerful; nobody is safe from misunderstandings neither. Negativity identified with pessimism and at the same time with some thanatic impulses but not until to commit suicide. A neutral way identified with scepticism, why nobody can know everything. A know-all could be a hindrance like the worst ignorant too. How or why he arrive to this way of thinking? Maybe why there is not enough for all with some who have more than enough or maybe also it could be just an excuse. Perhaps it was originated why there is no way to escape from wear and tear, no way to escape from the infinite or way to scape from the finite. To prefer an intact vessel or a leaky one? Anyways how much is enough? Was in his own opinion and in his own way a film buff and a music lover, was conscious that like books, arts and all kind of lovely things necessarily requires more than a live or have entire absorption. Contradictorily, although without riches, like all men, he didn’t take nothing with him. He didn’t want follow some of the proprieties, between a progressive man or a traditionalist was more the first, an iconoclast. “At the very most, a man is like a worm if not less, like worm’s meal or just ashes, there is no difference”, one of his reasons for his negative way of thinking. Never known if writing was a hobby or something more serious, anyways surely he had fun. Preponderantly identified with a Steppenwolf , find the right pack could signify to stay alive or to die, but for an alone and almost dead man it is very nearly the same: if you won’t say what to do to anybody, maybe anybody won’t say you what to do. Not always one is abandoned and not always one is accompanied. Fortunately people can talk and to come to an agreement. He wasn’t in financial need, even so think in descendants wasn’t easy because it isn’t all about money but there are more important issues to take care a new life. To someone with “If I get to mature, I’ll get to rot” like saying, sons are too much responsibility. A mature fruit is something finished off, on the contrary an immature fruit is still a possibility. All of his votes were invalid votes on purpose, politicians could say and promise almost anything. Was a believer of the world of ideas before matter, punky before yuppy; men aren’t totally matter, numbers aren’t matter, there isn’t only matter. In any wise friend of fascists or bullfighters, the world needs more freedom and less blood, most of all in vain blood, innocents. Near to mediocrity and without regret about it, silly people’s way get white hair for vanity. Say more about this man wouldn’t be preserve any intimacy, if he had intimacy because a single intimacy is not an intimacy. Mostly was wrote even if there is no answer.

His epitah says: here lie the mortal remains of someone who was an anarchist in his way, an anarchist with God..

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