Drawing Around

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This was the first day of pre-term workshop. The topic was representation and visual processing. It turned out to be much better than what the hand-out appeared. We were challenged to come back to third grade and do some drawings as the majority of us had not done in probably many years. From drawing without seeing the paper to drawing with the non dominant hand, the class was quite engaging. There was a moment though when Finn asked about the reason why it would be better to look at the object that we were drawing and not to the paper. The Professor did not have an entirely clear answer, which showed that the concepts given were not completely studied in a theoretical way. Despite of that, it was really interesting to present any kind of work for the first time to a public and to receive any kind of reviews. It feels like having produced a first piece of art. This image in particular is the difference in the type of representation that one can do in 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 30 seconds and 7 seconds. The object was a random bottle of Syad. I call it “Random Bottle of Syad”.

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