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For us who live in the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (the GSAS) dorms, it has been a double week of orientation. We had orientation from our respective schools and also the activities prepared for the people related to the GSAS. That is why yesterday, right after the GSD barbecue in the back yard of the Gund Hall, Eduardo and I headed to the Dudley House. There we met Vikas, Harry Lee and one friend of him, also from Hong Kong. The people from GSAS had arranged some sort of tour throughout the building where every room was decorated with some topic. You could find one with all kinds of 90s things like Super Mario World, Oasis or Windows 98. There was one disco music room and also a Henry VIII decorated with the Dean all dressed in a costume. You had to take a card and collect a stamp in all of the rooms you visited. Among them there was a room where there were lots of posters with the message of “War is Over” and an unintentionally creepy depiction of John and Yoko in their bed, that unfortunately looked like a couple of Samara Morgans getting out of the well. And also a guy dressed like a Roman citizen.

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