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In my opinion, an essential matter for a learning program, regardless of the level in which it is provided (i.e. school, college), is that teachers have enough ability to relate well with students. That is because, in the end, that circumstance will help him or her convey in a better way the ideas and knowledge that he or she intends to teach. I think there are two main reasons that support this point of view of mine. In the first place, it is ought to be differenced what knowledge is and what methodology is. The reason is that these two aspects are not always bound together in the same person. Of course that does not make any of them more or less valuable than the other. It is sometimes just about the abilities that everyone has and that make each one especial. I have seen several examples of this in my own studies. In my university law school there were great researchers in certain topics that, it was well known by everybody, were not able to convey reasonably well their ideas. On the other hand, there was the other kind of teachers. Even though they were not experts in the matter they taught, their great abilities to speak with enthusiasm about the topics made students pay extra attention to what they would say. Second, I think learning is sensitive to the sympathy of teachers and to their ability to make students be interested in taught topics. Once again, knowledge is not more important for this matter than methodology. When a teacher is able to motivate enough the students, knowledge turns to be less important. Probably that is also because what is taught is usually only an introduction to matters. It is more important in the end that students make further research and complete their learning by their own. A good example might be what happened to me: the courses that I remember the most from my life at law school are the ones with teachers that were able to motivate me the most. That is why I think it is really important that teachers develop their ability to relate well with students and that learning organizations take this circumstance into consideration when deciding which teacher to choose for any course.

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