A Night at the Opera

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And today Freddie I had a night at the opera, you ought to be proud of me, I brought into my head your voice and Montserrat´s and gave it a try. Elegant clothes here and there and a load of tropical drinks on the small tables and an unusual poster of the opera “El Barbero de Sevilla”. Not bad for the first time I must tell you, I see why you used to like it, although I guess it helps a lot to have a person who drews your attention towards her like you did. Well, to end this little talk old friend, I shall point out the matter of the languages because, you know, right in the moment you start to enjoy the beautiful italian: “Ah, bravo Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo; Ah, bravo Figaro! Bravo, bravissimo” (perharps you would be the only briton who can pronounce that) y look up and find on the top of the stage the small screen with the german subtitles, and what comes to my mind is that no naughty barber could ever sing following the german grammar, really! Of course it´s just a joke, Wolfgang.

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