How to make hands clap

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As an overview of the country I have chosen some pictures, so you can make an idea. That´s a meeting of prasidents that took place in Perú, it was in Lima, oh, here there is a picture of Lima, the capital, which is in the coast. Here you can see the train that has just started to being operated. This is a typical dance from my country that is called marinera. Those are the Nazca Lines, pretty well know as place to visit too. That´s a show in Perú thought out in the style of Cirque du Soleil. Here is the stadium, people there really like soccer too, alltough they don´t have a very good team as Germany or Spain. This one is a pic from a peruvian writer, Vargas LLosa, who is the last nobel prize in literature. This is a photo of my family just doing nothing.

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