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It is nobody’s fault that the topic is so complex. I might be somebody’s fault that the speech took a couple of hours without a break. It was the training in all the technological resources that the School provides to the students, which meant that connection to laptops, cybercrime prevention and similar matters had to be covered. It had to be also considered that it is still orientation week and that it was a pretty aged speaker that among other things included in his speech a reference to the old computers that people used to have in the 90s.

However, the fact is that it was the highlight of the two days of orientation that we have had so far. The speaker just nailed it. The 400 people audience connected immediately with him because of his clearness and sense of humor, and he managed to relate technology matters with environmental issues and even political concerns. Also, his knowledge of some practical presentation tools such as videos and prezi kept us all engaged with his words. Afterwards, we were even talking with other students about how we would like to take a class with him. He said he gives lectures in the MLA, which could be interesting to attend. It was the best class that I have had in a while. I could also sense that it was the longest applause the students gave so far.

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