– oh Mon Dieu! You are soooo cheap

– but, I don’t understand…. If I am so cheap, why you don’t buy me?

gràcies a Juanjo Sáez per la foto

– Pfff… well, as I was telling you… they are not an Adonis, nor even a Jean-Pierre Léaud in The Antoine Doinel de Baisers volés or a Jean Paul Belmondo in a À bout de souffle… ils sont très loin de paraître à Charles Aznavour dans Tirez sur le pianiste… but they have something… soooo hot!

– ajajhá!

– The are sooooooooo inteligent that excited me so much! I can’t explain it. Is just that I wish to stop the time in the precise moment that I am whit them and would like to take them to other infinite universe seulement pour moi! And spend all my time just listening and listening and continue listenig… donc, je peux leur demander tout mes questions! Je les aime! They are so hot!

– No petite! Noooo… they are your hormones… intelectual hormones, but still hormones

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