CGTN replaces CCTV News on MHz Networks 3 January 1, 2017

On January 1, 2017, China launches a new television channel and internet portal.

The China Global Television Network 

China Global Television will provide news and current affairs programming originating from three broadcast centers: Beijing, Washington D.C, and Nairobi, Kenya. The channel seeks to target American and global viewers with an approach very different from mainstream American news channels.

The new channel slogan is “See the Difference.”

In the new schedule rolling out in January, the China Global Television Network will provide Chinese and Global perspectives on the news, every hour on THE WORLD TODAY.

CGTN or “China Global” is introducing a lineup of new programming including increased business, cultural, and documentary film presentations.

At 4pm daily US Eastern time, the U.S. production center in Washington launches GLOBAL BUSINESS EXPRESS providing economic perspectives and live daily reports from the New York Stock Exchange. Anchored by Rachelle Akuffo, the show is followed by the 7pm comprehensive daily business magazine GLOBAL BUSINESS AMERICA. With daily inputs from Silicon Valley California and reports from across Latin America – it is economic, technology and Americas coverage with the difference.

Each morning at 10 am US Eastern, CGTN features a new, unique live half hour called THE LINK hosted by Liu Xin in China. The program brings together Beijing, Washington, and Nairobi for an examination of the big stories on three continents.  Each Saturday at 8pm US Eastern, the channel introduces a new platform for independent documentary film makers. BIG STORY features compelling, original, films on China and a wide array of global themes.

The new channel continues to air a wide range of innovative programming developed by the American operation during the past four years.

FULL FRAME – a cultural and topical weekly magazine which in 2016 won an Emmy Award for best magazine feature continues its run.

AMERICAS NOW – a weekly magazine targets the major issues of Central and South America. The program draws on reporting from an extensive roster of Correspondents in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Cuba as well as first person stories from across the region.

THE HEAT – a daily talk program hosted by veteran interviewer Anand Naidoo provides different perspective on global topics from guests in the Washington studio and from around the world.

Viewers can watch MHz Networks 3 on digital broadcast 30.3, Comcast 273, Cox 472, RCN 32 and Verizon FiOS 458.

The China Global Television Network (CGTN) is a project of China Central Television which has provided international television in varying formats since 1999.

Online, CGTN content can be accessed through the portal

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