Live at AMC

Actually, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story was a great movie! Don’t believe people who are telling the contrary. Watching the movie is a roller coaster experience and many forgotten things in the first saga are finally revealed in this great movie, like: How Han’s last name turned to be “Solo”, how Chewbacca and Solo met each other?, Darth Maul is still alive? Jabba the Hut is sneaking over there?, is there a connection between Star Wars and Indiana Jones universes? Cornelius Evazan’s hands are making money in the movie? Why C3PO says in Episode IV that the Millenium Falcon has a peculiar language and tells R2D2 don’t talk with strangers?, What about Lando’s costume in Jabba’s Palace in Episode VI?   Many, many interesting stuff for real fans are revealed here! Enjoy the movie. It seems that the future of the Star Wars franchise is going to be in the spin-offs. May the Force be with You!