Saliba-Kringlen Corp. v. Allen Engineering Co. (1971)

4. Lack of agreement on content of the subcontract. It is undisputed that the customary practice in the construction industry is for the general contractor who is awarded a contract to enter into a written contract with the subcontractor, which written contract embraces far more than the price which the subcontractor has bid by telephone.

AROK Const. Co. v. Indian Const. Services

174 Ariz. 291 (1993) 848 P.2d 870 AROK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, a California Corporation, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. INDIAN CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, a joint venture between Evcor Builders, Inc., Jeremiah La Mesa and Jane Doe La Mesa, Defendants-Appellees. Court of Appeals of Arizona, Division 1, Department B. February 11, 1993. “The enforcement of incomplete agreements is a necessary fact

Rego v. Decker , 482 P.2d 834 ( 1971 )

482 P.2d 834 (1971) Joseph P. REGO, Cecile Rego, et al., Appellants, v. Robert L. DECKER, Appellee. No. 1128. Supreme Court of Alaska. March 19, 1971. “Regarding the rule requiring reasonable certainty and its application to particular factual situations, Alaska Creamery and Lewis demonstrate that: The dream of a mechanical justice is recognized for what

Academy Chicago Publishers v. Cheever

578 N.E.2d 981 (1991) 144 Ill. 2d 24 161 Ill. Dec. 335 ACADEMY CHICAGO PUBLISHERS, Appellant, v. Mary W. CHEEVER, Appellee. No. 70587. Supreme Court of Illinois. June 20, 1991. Rehearing Denied September 30, 1991. *982 John Thomas Moran, Jr., Marc L. Fogelberg, McBride, Baker & Coles, Chicago, for Academy Chicago Publishers. M. Leslie Kite,