The entrepreneurial university: strategies, processes, and competing goals by Maria Abreu1 · Vadim Grinevich2

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The confguration of the entrepreneurial university remains poorly understood given the  complexity of the university as an organisation with multiple missions and multiple ‘products and services’, delivered by multiple and sometimes competing sub-organisations with
diferent cultures and norms, in response to diferent outside pressures and demands. The
outcomes of the entrepreneurial university refect the plurality of goals, including research,
teaching, knowledge commercialisation, and civic and community empowerment, but they
are rarely considered within the same conceptual and empirical framework. Hence, the aim
of this paper is to explore how multiple and sometimes competing strategies and associated
arrangements, resources and capabilities within the entrepreneurial university afect the
delivery of economic and social benefts to the external world across teaching, research,
knowledge commercialisation, and civic and community empowerment missions. To
achieve this aim, we elaborate the entrepreneurial university ecosystem concept so that we
can systematically capture the cross-infuences of the entrepreneurial university elements
in their entirety rather than focussing on selected ecosystem elements and their efects in
relation to one particular university mission. Our analysis is based on a novel institutionlevel database on university strategies, goals, policies, and support mechanisms, providing annual data for all higher education institutions in the UK over the period 2017–2020,
complemented with annual administrative data on staf, fnances, graduate outcomes, and
infrastructure, as well as contextual data on the wider regional entrepreneurship ecosystem. Using a Seemingly Unrelated Estimation approach, we contribute with novel fundings
explicitly identifying synergies and tensions between diferent elements of the entrepreneurial university ecosystem that afect the delivery of its outcomes.
Keywords Entrepreneurial university · Ecosystems · Entrepreneurial university elements ·
Entrepreneurial university missions · Resources · Capabilities





fuente: Abreu, M., Grinevich, V. The entrepreneurial university: strategies, processes, and competing goals. J Technol Transf (2024).

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