Welcome to my trade section. I am specially interested in the following bands: The Cure, Slowdive, Clan of Xymox and The Church and all these genres: shoegazing, gothic, new wave, ambient and synthpop. But SPECIALLY shoegazing.

Download my list in excel format here (last update: july 2006). If you can’t see the file, contact me.

People I have traded with, good traders! 🙂

M.Hildebrant aka boysondtcry (Germany)
Andreas Weber (Germany)
Fabrice Martin (France)
Philippe Alenda (France)
Vincent Boussugue (France)
Xavier Coppin (France)
Tony Michael (USA)
Daren Goldberg (USA)
Caley Barker (USA)
Lisa Case(USA)
Alan Delman (USA)
Jozef Valent aka Monghi (Slovakia)
Greg Freund (Switzerland)
Ezter (Hungary)
Ashley Fletcher (Australia)
Dennis van Nieuwkerke (Holland)
Andrew Stevens (United Kingdom)
Pierpaolo Vezzaro (Italy)

Feel free to email me your list to dsanchez@pucp.edu.pe

Write me in english, french or spanish…and if you have traded with me before, write down your comments!


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Trade section

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