“Dear Pope Francis”

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Source: Dear Pope Francis Book – Loyola Press. A Jesuit Ministry Chicago.

“Dear Pope Francis”

by Cesar Lincoln Candela Sanchez, Private International Law Professor PUCP

A nice book for the whole family, written by Pope Francis and the Children of the World, issued by Loyola Press. A Jesuit Ministry in Chicago

In this book, the Pope answers letters from the children.

Can we see heaven?

Pope Francis says: Our relatives are in heaven; they always see you. They are accompanying you with their laughter.

Jesus Christ walks with you in every moment so you don’t fall.

By their steps, people are desperate, knowing maybe they won’t go to heaven.

God hears children’s prayers, but children suffer. Jesus Christ is a merciful God, a lovely shepherd.

How does Jesus walk on water?

Jesus Christ is walking the walks as you walk…

The theme of this book is answering children`s questions around the world. Pope Francis gives answers for the children everywhere that help us learn more and more about Jesus Christ, our lovely God.

Source: Elena, Radio Maria England (UK).


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