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Adventures with the Toefl IBT (parte one)

The Toefl Internet Based Test (Toefl IBT) is a test taken by ELS (I don’t know what that’s meaning) and It is one of the most important English test all over the World. The principal colleges in EEUU ask for this test and also the majority of the scholarships require Toefl Test high scores.

Therefore it is important to be prepared for this test and furthermore to have many kind of knowledge and computer skills. The topics in the test are variety and go since philosophy passing through mathematics, literature, psychology and even geology.

The test is divided in four parts: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. The Reading and Listening sections are very similar like in the earlier test before the internet age but speaking and writing bring many changes with them. For instance in the speaking section one must speak about a familiar topic or a specific topic and this speech will be record and then examined for the specialists. The same with the writing section but in this case one have to write about some topic indicated for the test and then it will be review for the evaluators.

Nevertheless there are previous things to do before. It’s important to know that the Toefl IBT is very expensive. When I called ICPNA asking for information about the Toefl they told me that they were administrator of the test only and they couldn’t give any information about. It was depressive for me so I went to the Toefl web site ( and after so much investigation I discovered how I could registered me. Well, after registering my profile information, I was elegantly invited to pay $170 (!). I was stunning but luckily I could pay with my VISA credit card (without Verified By Visa required).

To be continued…


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Second Poem

I saw a gorgeous and beautiful girl
I saw the end of the universe in me
I saw your soft hands and your delicate lips
I saw the glories of the earth on me

My eyes never watch so many perfections together
And so much intensive love floating in the sea
My eyes ever want to be the first at the morning
And see the air around your hair

I was looking for the true, real true
I thought my fate abandoned me and the lie comes so suborned
But your lights shine the path for my hands
And your cold nose took me away from my fears

I try to hear you with my hearing but I could not
Because your words are celestials and your voice of the sky
I try to touch you with my feelings
But your feelings took me away into the light

I tried with all my force and effort reach your smile
I intended stole your happiness
And you support me with your hugs
And your arms took me away of my pain.

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