Employability Index for young men and women

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This investigation proposes to create an Employability Index (IE) for young men and women, which evaluates and summarizes diverses indicators related to skills acquired in their formation/training and other personal, economic and social factors that determine their aptitude to obtain employment.

The IE will be applied initially to estimate the Employability of youth who have few economic resources, students of the Institute Chaminade Marianistas in the Callao and, later, to other institutes of vocational training en Peru, another Latin-American country and Spain.

It is proposed to explore the possibilities that the IE turn into an instrument of widespread use that orientates the labor of educators and promoters of youth employment allowing, in addition, the first comparison of the young men and women´s employability in different countries.

In addition, it hopes that this instrument will facilitates the work of evaluation and selection of youth in companies dedicated to the recruitment of personnel and to managers of human resources of companies that look for young working personel.

This investigation is inspired, and has as a major precedent, the experience of the Experimental Program of Formation and Employment of the Foundation Tomillo in Spain.

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Javier Rodríguez Cuba

"Educación y Empleabilidad" nació con una investigación que hicimos en CISEPA sobre empleabilidad de los jóvenes pero ahora me permite mostrar algunos datos y avances de nuevos estudios.

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