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Cannot see the folders in my USB flash memory?

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Cannot see the folders in my USB flash memory?
Hi everyone,
I had some files and folders on my USB flash memory and distributed it among participants in a workshop. After the workshop my USB was infected with a virus and I removed it but now cannot see the folders. The occupied size of the USB shows that the directories and files are still there but I cannot see the folders (can see just the files).

Any ideas what should I do? the USB is 4GB and my OS is Vista.

4 years ago
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And I have turned on the: show hidden files.

4 years ago
And I have tried it on an XP machine without any difference. Still no folder visible.

4 years ago
Reuben Reuben
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go to tools > folder options
>> view
>> show hidden files and folders
>> disable hide protected operating system files
now open the usb drive and see if your files are visible.
if not it is likely that the virus has infected the system and is continiously changing the settings to disable you from seeing the hidden files.

use process explorer to kill the virus (do it only if you can distinguish the virus from the legitimate programms else might end up in a system crash)

4 years ago
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Thanks. It worked as you described. But I don’t know the reason why this has happened.
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