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199 Insights: business + analysis + technology + design + ethics + experience + fair work

Hi, with Liam and Carlos we have been building 199insights.com, a site for Carlos’ enterprise.

There you can find more about 199 Insights, and the way you can get advantage of an offer of business + analysis + technology + design

Carlos’ professional background includes experience in large tech companies such as Apple, Amazon and Autodesk.

We three as a team had previously worked on Giftmethod.com, through gifts there is a special path to know your significant other. And thinking in gifts categories is also a good approach to think in your girlfriend/boyfriend and family.

Here a couple of links of reference about The Gift Method:

Companies can get access to experience-based analysis, cross-domain expertise, ethical service, and mucho more real value from 199 Insights.

We have been working for around a year and all tasks have a common characteristic related to high quality (details) and fair work.

199 insights

We are also working in Thought Recap, and app to capture your most critical insights as they happen. We are working on it thinking in create a great method to execute analysis and produce effective presentations. The first stage is to gather the insights, thoughts, ideas. Identify them in channels, with colors, capture them quickly, export them in PDF ready to share. Take a look at this app, and stay tuned.

What do you perceive from 199 Insights? Are you interested in make business, in explore markets, in generate growth?

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