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UNIT 9: Stay-at-Home Dad or Stay-at-Home Mom?

In the past the man was the one with the career. As a matter of fact, a woman sometimes left work as soon as she got married. Now both partners usually work prior to having children and the woman usually has as much vested in her career as does her husband. While some people feel that a woman can better take care of a child, there are real life examples that blow this theory right out of the water.

Fathers can certainly be as nurturing as mothers. So, if you can put away traditional role models of women as caregivers and men as bread winners, you can make this decision in a logical way. Here are some questions you and your partners need to consider:

  • What do you think about this controversial topic?

  • In your opinion, can father´s be as nurturing as mothers?

  • Is Peruvian society ready for such context?

    After answering those questions and any others that may be pertinent to your particular situation, you can make an educated decision. The one you make may surprise you. You may in fact decide that it makes more sense for the father to be the primary caregiver — a stay-at-home dad.