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Skydiving, Wingsuiting, And Gliding – Getting Closer To That “Flying Feeling”

There are those who would dismiss people who skydive – or, more recently, “wingsuit” – as mere thrill-seekers. Extreme sports enthusiasts who have more bravery than brains – and are willing to risk their lives for a taste of the freedom of flying. But this dismissive attitude ignores the history of personal human flight. Humans have been trying to fly for centuries – if not millennia. From the story of Icarus, who attempted to fly from captivity on wings of wax, to early individuals in history who tried to fly by jumping off towers, flying using kites, or jumping off of cliffs and hills using early gliders, there have always been those who sought the skies. It would seem that today’s “thrill seekers” are no different. Wingsuiting, especially, offers enthusiasts the option to “fly” untethered for around 3-5 minutes – and indulge that primal urge to fly without mechanical assistance.

Why do you think humans are so fascinated with the idea of flight?

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