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    1.- Why do you think humans are so fascinated with the idea of flight?
    I think that the humans want know that this in the universe, the moon, the stars, as be formed the galaxy, things this in the space, looking the moon, the planets, meteor, meteorite, asteroids, know as is the galaxy. I think that would be incredible able flight to the space in some moment of my life. See all since up would be very beautiful, wonderful. But, I has that wait very time for arrive to the space.

    2.- In what other ways do you think air travel will change in the future?
    I think that of very forms, for example, make small in Germany be invented car flying, object that be thrower to the marked in 2024. With the time would have tourism service of flight to the moon, mars and others planets. Too I think that would have enterprises or business of transports public directly to the moon. And, why no, someday can traveling by black hole, and know others planets, however, all this it that depends of the people that working for create a vehicle with this end.

    3.- Are there any pioneers in other fields that you admire? Give your reasons.
    Yes, Robbert Goddard, in 1907 in Institute Massachusetts, experimented on a rocket powered by gunpowder in the basement of the physics building. Clouds of smoke caused a lot of commotion and the faculty rather that expel him, took an interest in his work. Now the NASA to design much rockets following the design of Goddard.
    Other pioneer in the physic is Dr. Wernher von Braun, he was one of the most important rocket developers and champions of space exploration during the period between the 1930s and the 1970s.



    Why do think human beings are so fascinated by space?
    Because, they want discover all that exist in the space, concquer it, and be the pioneers in living in the spece, builting a station spatial for to make researche in benefit of the humanity.
    In what ways can human beings be helped by space research?
    I think that all researche must achieve to be benefit for the humanity, if this have as end save our planet of all the disasters that the be human now this making with our world, create conscience, more life and less war is the one solution.
    Do you believe humans must go into space? Why or why not?
    I think that if, because, for know as realy is the space, as is the life there, and as the human can improve his life en the world.


    1.- Which of these three pioneers do you think was the most interesting, and why?
    I think that all they had great dreams than waited achieve realize, however, I think that Howard Hughes’s arrived to his objective with the invention of Spruce Goose that across the bay and rose 70 feet above the water. Too is good remember that if Leonardo da Vinci no invent the machine with flapping wings, the history could to be other, for this reason I consider that all they was excellent people.

    2.- Can you think of other feats that people said could never be achieved but eventually were?
    For example, the cellular phone with camera, that take photos, record video, film all class of event, now can communicate with someone since anything and see to the people since your phone.

  4. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    1.- Why do you think people still want to be astronauts?
    Look, for be astronaut no is sufficient want, this need a prepared very long time, so, a person that want be astronaut, frost have that study some carrier related with the astronomy, the physic, the cosmic, or be an engineer in astronomy or physic of the space, known as this structured the Earth, the galaxy, the planets, all the space. However, must know that training of astronaut is very difficult, demand a preparation high very, for example, make excercise, mentally too and must eat food special, because in the space only can eat capsule as food.

    2.- Can you think of other occupations which can be harmful to a person’s physical or mental health?
    Yes, of course, for example, the person that working in factories of toxics, acids, poisons, or vary of chemicals. However, the persons that working maked weapon, bomb atomic, nuclear, airships, etc. Too, the persons that working solder undersea, electrician, person that working expose to X-rays, medics that take care of sicks, etc. Too, the persons that working in the sea fisherman, and the that work in enterprise that manufacture of petroleum (oil).

  5. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    1.- Are people in our country generally healthy? What is their diet like? What do they do for exercise?
    I think than no, because, in my country more the 60% suffer of some disease related with the obesity, for example: diabetes, liver fat, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, all this produce for the lack of a foods better better healthy, and, for the lack of exercises.
    Normally, in Peru the people eat chicken to the ember, food fast, much dessers, ice cream, but don´t eating fruits and vegetables for poise his nutrition.
    For generally, some people make exercise, going to the gym, however, drink beer the weekend.

    2.- Do you think the idea of health and fitness is different from culture to culture? Why, or why not?
    I think that if, because, for example in Occident, the people be preoccupied much for his healthy, and for eating healthy. Too make much excercise for hold fitness. Too be preoccupy for take care of his environment, exist much parks and place for running

    If you worked for the government, how would you encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle?
    Very easy, give advice with a nutritionist, and a coach for that they motivate. Too, they would give incentive or recognitions for his effort. However, in the cafeteria of the institution would coordinating for that prepare food healthy? All depend that the people take conscience and to be culture in good habit of the well healthy and gym

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  7. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    Would you want to run barefoot? Why, or why not?
    No, because I would can cause me injuries, blister in my feet, and because besides I live in the coast, where the ground is strong, burn the feet, and the days of rain is slippery, between other reasons.

    2.- Why do you think there is a movement towards a more “natural” lifestyle, such as barefoot running and eating organic foods?
    Because, is better for who is maked sports in places very natural, as for example, in the African, the Indian or the sierra of Peru. However, eat healthy and organic is very better for the athletes, for the healthy, the heart, the lungs, and all the organs the body

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  10. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    After watching this video, answer the following questions:
    1.- Have you ever been on a diet? Did it work? Explain.
    Yes, of course, if did it work, because, I doesn´t only maked diet, too make excercise every day or at time three for week , besides, I don´t drink beer or soda, only drinking juices of fruits without sugar, only use honey. The 70% of may diet is fruit and vegetables, the other 30% this fat, protein, etc. One must be strict with his diet and his exercise, good sleep, write, listening music, fun with his family and working with love.
    2.- When we want to change our eating habits, what is the most important Food, time, our mindset? Support your answer.
    I think that the best is eating healthy and nourishing, for example, fruits and vegetables, more fish, less meat, much water, less soda, more grains, less sugar. Besides must make gym, running, swimm, yoga, zumba, etc. All this must to be thinking in our body, mind and our healthy

  11. FABIO CHACON escribió:

    Which do you think is the most useful piece of advice that JudyGirl received?
    I think than of JimGym, because, he say than JudyGirl must combine between make exercise and make diet. This advice is very correct. In my case if function, since of nothing serve make diet, if no make excercise, never would lost weight. However, no is suffice make diet, if no than this diet must be to base of fruit, vegetables, grains, cereals, lot water and nothing soda.
    2.-Would you post a question on the Internet in order to get advice? Why, or why not?
    No, because the information than I want this there, only is question of make-up one´s mind. For example, in my case, I has ten years making excercise and balance my diet. I eating much vegetables and fruits, much water, and about all treat of walking, and not use the escalator of the supermarket and on the mall

  12. 2 for 1 fun escribió:

    Hey there, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, terrific blog!

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