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Welcome to the blog that has been specifically designed for Comprensión Lectora en Inglés – Course CLECV Plus 3 – administered by Idiomas Católica.

This blog aims at providing opportunities for participants to exchange information related to the course. Although our reading course is not meant to develop oral or written communication skills, we have noticed that many of you can and wish to “have your say” in English about issues that we look at in the course. Your participation in this blog can award you up to 5 points in the assessment area labelled Tareas de Evaluación Continua.

Ready to begin? It is easy. The questions on the next message are waiting to be answered! You may want to participate twice. The first time, just write your answers to the questions. The second time, you are supposed to reply somebody else’s answer.

Enjoy the experience!


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  1. Nadia Yépez escribió:

    1. I believe that archaeologists do not seek to interrupt the eternal rest of people, in this case of the Incas.

    On the contrary, what they want with respect and science is to look for elements that help to identify the past to know how the present can be better interpreted.

    When archaeologists find the tombs, they do so with the proper protocols and complying with the contracts with the states, which implies that the treasure belongs to the country and for research purposes.

    Instead, when graves are dug by desecrators. then history is lost and the wealth of objects is sold in the black market instead of going to museums.

    For the reasons listed above, I agree with the investigation and search of the graves.

    2. One of the great civilizations that succeeded and then collapsed was the Egyptian Empire.

    Let us remember that they had crops privileged by the Nile, constructions with gold, gigantic and precious stones that reached surprising heights and beauties.

    It was an important empire in ancient times, however, with the arrival of the Romans in the time of Cleopatra, it comes to an end when they take the city and destroy it, burn the Biblioteca de Alexandria as well as the Temples of the gods and make slaves to its inhabitants.

    Despite this, history and the tombs found show us how imposing and strong this great Egyptian empire was.

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