Day 6: Jumanji by Jake Kasdan


(2018) Kasdan virgin. I havent even watch “Sex tape” (2014) or “Bad teacher” (2011), and apparently, both are funny films. Jumanji was pretty funny, went w sis and I was laughing half of the time there. I dont know how he did it but the Rock could act like a average teenager was inside his body. And then there was Karen Gillan, who I have miss so much from my days of watching Doctor who. And then, fucking magic, Jack Black was also more than hilarious. I think the whole remake shit can become bullshit can ruined a movie pretty bad, but I dont think it ruined this one. It was the same concept but less scary for me and more funny. Also, related more to team work than anything. But I must say I cant rememer very well the original movie from 1995 with Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, but what I do remember (maybe because I was younger) is that it was really scary in a awesome way, but still gave me like creepy-adrenaline feelings. Even the kids, gave the movie a juvenile fun and sweet feeling. I only know one of them Alex Wolf,  and his character relationship with Morgan Turner was honest and very down-to-earth.

Its really worth your cash and time.


Happy watching!


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