Day 3: Bridge of Spies by Steven Spielberg

(Spoilers coming!)

2015. Im not a Spielberg virgin. First one was E.T (1982) and after that, Schindlers List (1993). This one esta entre sus más recientes films. El ciclo de cine ruso en letras se puso más “Spielberg” y la coloco en la ultima fecha del ciclo. Bastante buena. Y tal como lo menciono el comentarista de la fecha, Jorge Lossio, retrara muy bien el ambiente de “guerra fría” entre USA y la URSS. James B. Donovan fue todo el “core” del film, y quizás es porque soy de la facultad de Derecho, but I love every minute of him being a lawyer. Todo el film se desenvuelve sobre el intercambio de espias entre estas dos naciones. And one man was the one who arranged all that. At first, the movie seems a bit like that “ordinary man” joke that Abel tells Donovan. But then, Abel shares the whole story. About a man who wont stop fighting, who will always be standing, taking whatever the world throws at him, just likes that scene at the Count of Montecristo (2002) where the kid doesnt care what the muggers do, because he can take it, and Donovan can take anything and still be a standing man. I thought maybe this whole film was going to be a little cliche, because the whole plot has been done before but this “exchange” of spies hasnt been done before, not like this. Even the CIA seem kind of like a silly joke, because Donovan was the only one who could get Abel to get the deal done or not. Everyone gets suck in the atraction of his brightness. But hes still a “family man” who forgets to bring the jam from the fake trip he was having in the UK. The ending was the end of a storyline and no surprises there, but you get the feeling that something emotional happened, and that “the wall” was the reason many were killed.


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