Day 6: Jumanji by Jake Kasdan


(2018) Kasdan virgin. I havent even watch “Sex tape” (2014) or “Bad teacher” (2011), and apparently, both are funny films. Jumanji was pretty funny, went w sis and I was laughing half of the time there. I dont know how he did it but the Rock could act like a average teenager was inside his body. And then there was Karen Gillan, who I have miss so much from my days of watching Doctor who. And then, fucking magic, Jack Black was also more than hilarious. I think the whole remake shit can become bullshit can ruined a movie pretty bad, but I dont think it ruined this one. It was the same concept but less scary for me and more funny. Also, related more to team work than anything. But I must say I cant rememer very well the original movie from 1995 with Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, but what I do remember (maybe because I was younger) is that it was really scary in a awesome way, but still gave me like creepy-adrenaline feelings. Even the kids, gave the movie a juvenile fun and sweet feeling. I only know one of them Alex Wolf,  and his character relationship with Morgan Turner was honest and very down-to-earth.

Its really worth your cash and time.


Happy watching!


Day 5: American Crime Story Versace by Ryan Murphy

I have decided that I must mix up a little this blog. So 360 days ahead of us, and it won’t only film, but episodes too. Will be mostly first ones, about tv series that get released dates this year. So, spoilers ahead!


2018. I haven’t had a very close relationship with Ryan’s work. Saw a couple of episode of American Horror Story and I haven’t finished American Crime Story “first season” but I will, and so far, he’s quite amazing. I guess this tv series, this episode is quite different from other movies because is based on real events. Adagio in G minor by Giazotto was a great choice to pick, they put it at the beginning of the episode and I think it sets the mood in an amazing way. Intense and not completely sad, but halfway there. Versace was so full of art in his daily life, and his murderer wasn’t. On the day of the murder. Andrew was so full of pain and loss in this first episode. Like a flame burning that couldn’t possibly know what else to do with himself. Versace was a genius. But also, gay. And through the episode, you can see that he had the opportunity to meet “young people” and maybe even “call boys”. It may seem that Andrew maybe is one of those. But this personality portrayed by Darren Criss, which is so good doing so much less than what I have seen from him, saying that he is what people expect from him, saying he’s gay to the “gay people” and hetero to the “hetero people”, changing in a minute, is manipulative but clever, and you may want to see the end of this story.

(Hablando solamente de la historia manifestada en la ficcion, no de los hechos reales).

El Papa esta en Peru!

No soy religiosa pero creo que su personalidad va mas alla de la religion, a quien apoya y protege es lo mas importante de el. Try to catch him if you can?


Happy watching!




Day 4: It’s a wonderful life by Frank Capra

1946. Frank Capra virgin and im not a proud one after this. Well I am proud of who I am but not of not knowing Capra. Last film, though. Could you say this one was his best work? No, not until I can find the other 8 he directed when I wasnt even born. So George Bailey. He wanted to travel, to see the world. Since day one. But he couldnt help himself. He also had a calling to save and help people. Bedford Falls cant let the boy go, and he cant let go either. A sense of duty I believe. But he was so busy helping people that he forgot to help himself. To fight his own battles. But his motivation was so just with Bedford Falls that you cant understand how he couldnt. Then theres Mary. Young Mary. In love Mary. You can see they belong to each other right before George realizes the same. Its december already. I dont have very “Christmas” movies on my watchlist. Havent see black and white while for a while, I think since Casablanca (1942). With surprise I found Donna Reed on my screen as Mary. She gave the film that “charming” feeling. I can feel the holidays coming with this film.  But as George Bailey has taken care of the people of Bedford Falls, at the end, they dont forget a single thing, and they take care of him, and save him. In every way you can safe someone. Quizas solo es la cancion de Ed Sheeran y Sinatra que me ayuda a este “mood”.


Happy watching!

No mas finales!!



Day 2: The Return of Michael Myers by Dwight H. Little

(Spoilers coming!)


1988. I’m a Dwight virgin. But not a Halloween virgin if I may say. The first one is pretty good for me (Disponible en la mediateca de pucp, you guys!). Dwight is coming from making Getting Even (1986) and Bloodstone (1988). And even when sequels are sometimes a copy of the original thing, sometimes they can always surprise you. And maybe not surprise you that much, I thought it was funny Jamie picked that costume, just like that one Michael chose the day he murder his sister. It was a new resource to me that they choose this kid because the original old protagonist didn’t want to play her old character, Laurie? And the presence of Rachel, new old fellow, reminds you of Laurie because she isn’t fucking every weekend or doesn’t want to. And her “bae” prefers to “score” with one that will actually fuck. They both end up dead pretty fast, after the police force of course. The whole chasing was a bit off with Michael always being able to chase him even when you didn’t even saw him getting into the truck that kill the old “bar brothers” que querían ser vigilantes pero luego al asesinar a un conocido se dan cuenta que no pueden ir a lo salvaje de cacería. The storyline was expected, its a average horror film, pero lo que más me impresiono fue, again as I said before, el final. Jamie, the adorable, bullied kid, thanks to his well-known murderer uncle, and scared to death because she thought Rachel was dead, and when she thought the killer was done killing, he comes back for more. But between all that pain, and sorrow, and desperation, she looks at him, dead in the ground, alone, and decides to take his hand. Because she feels pity for him. But he isn’t dead, and after another round, he ends up buried. Where “he belongs” according to our old doc, the psychiatrist. And that little girl, ends up attacking her foster mom. With a pair of scissors. Just like his uncle. And you can see the horror in the eyes of the doc, the sheriff, and of Rachel too. Jamie has become like his uncle, because of the “dramatic” event of being chase by a killer with such ferocity. I thought it was insane. But it was pretty unforgetable to me.


And there are still more sequels,  don’t know if i will check them out. Perhaps.

Good saturday, try to drink only the same alcohol the whole night, less of a headache, and if you read the whole night, try to read something fun too, like a novel, or a comic book, spiderman is pretty funny.


I’m out!