Day 4: It’s a wonderful life by Frank Capra

1946. Frank Capra virgin and im not a proud one after this. Well I am proud of who I am but not of not knowing Capra. Last film, though. Could you say this one was his best work? No, not until I can find the other 8 he directed when I wasnt even born. So George Bailey. He wanted to travel, to see the world. Since day one. But he couldnt help himself. He also had a calling to save and help people. Bedford Falls cant let the boy go, and he cant let go either. A sense of duty I believe. But he was so busy helping people that he forgot to help himself. To fight his own battles. But his motivation was so just with Bedford Falls that you cant understand how he couldnt. Then theres Mary. Young Mary. In love Mary. You can see they belong to each other right before George realizes the same. Its december already. I dont have very “Christmas” movies on my watchlist. Havent see black and white while for a while, I think since Casablanca (1942). With surprise I found Donna Reed on my screen as Mary. She gave the film that “charming” feeling. I can feel the holidays coming with this film.  But as George Bailey has taken care of the people of Bedford Falls, at the end, they dont forget a single thing, and they take care of him, and save him. In every way you can safe someone. Quizas solo es la cancion de Ed Sheeran y Sinatra que me ayuda a este “mood”.


Happy watching!

No mas finales!!