Day 5: American Crime Story Versace by Ryan Murphy

I have decided that I must mix up a little this blog. So 360 days ahead of us, and it won’t only film, but episodes too. Will be mostly first ones, about tv series that get released dates this year. So, spoilers ahead!


2018. I haven’t had a very close relationship with Ryan’s work. Saw a couple of episode of American Horror Story and I haven’t finished American Crime Story “first season” but I will, and so far, he’s quite amazing. I guess this tv series, this episode is quite different from other movies because is based on real events. Adagio in G minor by Giazotto was a great choice to pick, they put it at the beginning of the episode and I think it sets the mood in an amazing way. Intense and not completely sad, but halfway there. Versace was so full of art in his daily life, and his murderer wasn’t. On the day of the murder. Andrew was so full of pain and loss in this first episode. Like a flame burning that couldn’t possibly know what else to do with himself. Versace was a genius. But also, gay. And through the episode, you can see that he had the opportunity to meet “young people” and maybe even “call boys”. It may seem that Andrew maybe is one of those. But this personality portrayed by Darren Criss, which is so good doing so much less than what I have seen from him, saying that he is what people expect from him, saying he’s gay to the “gay people” and hetero to the “hetero people”, changing in a minute, is manipulative but clever, and you may want to see the end of this story.

(Hablando solamente de la historia manifestada en la ficcion, no de los hechos reales).

El Papa esta en Peru!

No soy religiosa pero creo que su personalidad va mas alla de la religion, a quien apoya y protege es lo mas importante de el. Try to catch him if you can?


Happy watching!