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05/11/19: Interview with Chilean-American author Isabel Allende

Interview with Chilean-American author Isabel Allende

Watch the interview with the Chilean-American writer Isabel Allende on the link below.

Please, click on the icon subtitles and read what she says. Please, listen and read specially the following minutes:  4:16-5:14 (the question: “who inspires you?”); 5:49-7:49 (question: Why do you write?); 9:00-9:40 (“True stories…”); and 11:10-12 (“latest book).

Then, you can write your comments by answering the following questions:

IT’S YOUR TURN!!  Do you have a favorite author? Why do you like his or her work? List some books you would encourage other people to read and say why you would recommend these books to others? Isabelle Allende said that “Short stories are hard to write than novels.” Do you agree with her? Why or why not? What do you consider good elements to make up a good book or a story?