16/07/18: Academic Suplement: A Blog Article

The blogging platform, WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog has bloggers writing in more than 100 languages, and commonly blogs are written under these categories.

  • Personal: Passion for writing and a subject of choice and a blog is created sharing bloggers likes and dislikes. Blogs themed on family, travel, food, style tips, health, you search it and it’s there.
  • Non-Profits: Human rights groups, NGOs, charities etc write blogs to generate awareness for the cause.
  • How-to, Tip, Reviews: Blogs such as these teach readers about various topics, giving information and sharing tips.
  • Company Blogs:  Many companies manage a blog and share about their business, products or services. There are blogs on IT products, blogs on HR consultancy services and blogs on career guidance.

The founding mother of the blog revolution, Movable Type’s Mena Trott, talks about the early days of blogging, when she realized that giving regular people the power to share our lives online is the key to building a friendlier, more connected world.


But, why shall we write blogs? The link below will take you to a fantastic blog to read about this:

10 reasons you should start blogging


What do you think?

  1. Would you like to start blogging?
  2. Why would you do it?
  3. What would you write about?

09/07/18: Unit 5: A Good Read

Why should you read Charles Dickens?

The starving orphan seeking a second helping of gruel. The spinster wasting away in her tattered wedding dress. The stone-hearted miser plagued by the ghost of Christmas past. Dickens has always been one of my favorite writers ever: the worlds and stories he created not only spoke of our society, its problems and pains; but also tis hopes, dreams and fights for survival.

More than a century after his death, these characters remain recognizable figures from the work of Charles Dickens. But what are the features of Dickens’ writing that make it so special?

I hope you can enjoy this video and as you do so reflect on why you think Dickens still holds so much appeal for modern readers.

Here’s a link to a bucket list of boobs we should all read, at least once:

The Greatest Books

How many have you already read? Which ones would you like to add to your list?

What do you think?

  1. Do you have a favorite author? Why do you like his or her work?
  2. List some books you would encourage other people to read. Why would you recommend these books to others?
  3. Have you ever considered writing fiction yourself? What kind of stories would you like to write?

30/10/13: Welcome!

Welcome to the blog that has been specifically designed for Comprensión Lectora en Inglés – Course CLECV Plus 2 – administered by Idiomas Católica.

This blog aims at providing opportunities for participants to exchange information related to the course. Although our reading course is not meant to develop oral or written communication skills, we have noticed that many of you can and wish to “have your say” in English about issues that we look at in the course. Your participation in this blog can award you up to 5 points in the assessment area labelled Tareas de Evaluación Continua.

Ready to begin? It is easy. The questions on the next message are waiting to be answered! You may want to participate twice. The first time, just write your answers to the questions. The second time, you are supposed to reply somebody else’s answer.

Enjoy the experience!


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