El siguiente es un resumen muy breve de un artículo que encontré hace mucho tiempo y creo que tiene las pautas necesarias para ver si se encuentra una motivación o inclinación natural a entrar en el mundo de la Informática de verdad y del Networking. Pero si te falta perseverancia y no te gusta investigar por tu propia cuenta creo que ya desde ya puedes descartar este artículo como algo que te puede beneficiar y tan sólo vas a estar perdiendo el tiempo si lo lees. Uno no espera que las cosas vengan a uno sino que uno las busca. (y si es uno es verdadero y no te estoy mintiendo :P)

No lo veo necesario traducirlo en español, porque si quieres ser hacker debes saber inglés… o no? :=)

Be curious: Dig through your system directories and see what’s inside your computer.

Experiment: Don’t be afraid to change things, just to see what’ll happen. Try command options and switches you’ve never tried before. Look for option menus on programs and see what they can do. In Windows, tweak your registry and see what happens.Have a backup ready.

Don’t limit yourself: Who says a computer or network is the only place to hack? Figure out how your radio works for example.

Get some real tools: Hex file editors. Snoopers that analyze system messages and network traffic. Compilers and APIs for programming. Scripting tools. Disk editors/formatters. Disassemblers. When you get good, write some of your own.

Learn to program: C, C++, Perl, Phyton, Ruby.

Use real operating systems: Windows 95/98/Me is a shell on top of a 32-bit patch to a 16-bit DOS. Get the real operating systems (Linux, Windows NT, Mac OS, OS/2…) and learn them.

Join users groups or computer clubs. Talk to people on IRC or newsgroups or Web boards until you find people to learn with. The best way to be accepted in any group is to contribute something. Share what you learn, and others will share with you.

Do some projects: Learning comes from doing, and you must follow the project through start to finish to really understand it. Make a script that performs some common operation. Write a program that manipulates a file (try encrypting something).

Learn to really use the Internet: Start with the Web. Learn how to use Boolean searches. Get on Usenet. Find some underground BBSs. Get on IRC. Get to the point where you can answer your own questions. Make up your own blog.

The Internet was built by hackers. Linux was built by hackers. Usenet was built by hackers. Be one of the hackers that builds something.

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