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Cyber-Crime Control, Prevention and Investigation: PROPOSAL

INTRODUCTION: Cybercrime is a crime involving computers or digital devices, in which a computer can be either a target of the crime, a tool of the crime or contain evidence of the crime. Since most information processing these days depends on the use of information technology, the control, prevention andinvestigation of cyber activities is paramount to the success of the Organizations,

Government’s agencies and individuals. The procurement and retention of highly skill cybercrime expert byGovernment and Business Enterprises cannot be overemphasized. This will ensure compliancewith international acceptable standard of usage of computer and other technological devices inthe work places.Although prevention as they say is better than cure, irrespective of the deterrent measures to prevent and or control cybercrime, there may still be breaches, where this occur, ForensicsExperts will be called in to conduct a sound digital forensic investigations, analysis,documentation and reconstruction of the crime scene and present the evidence of the findings to the appropriate authorities or the Jury as the case may be, that can lead to arrest, prosecution andconviction of the culprit. Digital Asset need to be protected to guaranteed it Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability(CIA triad). Information stored in Human brain, electronic devices physical media and those ontransit needs to be protected. Hence the urge for this research topic.This research will therefore be broken down into three major categories namely: Cyber-Crime Control (CCC), Cyber-Crime Prevention (CCP), Cyber-Crime Investigation (CCI).

Taken from: A PhD Research Proposal Engr. Effiong Ndarake Effiong,, MBCS, CITP, CEH, CHFI, MCSE, CCNA, MCTS, NCLA, DCTS, MIAM, B.Sc., M.Sc., ACE, Security+Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional

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After watching the video and reading the extarct of the above proposal, answer the following ideas in 2 short pragraphs:

-What of the facts abour cybercrime has impressed you the most? Why?

– Mention an objective  you consider had to be included in the development of the proposal.

19/01/21: Blog 2: ABSTRACTS 


Read the information in the link and answer:

  • Have you ever written an abstract? Do you think they’re useful? Why?
  • Which of the tips given is the most useful in your opinion? 
  • Which recommendation would you give someone writing an abstract?

11/01/21: BLOG 1

Video youtube: Chocolate Taster: My Dream Job ever! 


“Have you ever imagined having to work with something you actually love eating? Well, I have… When I was younger I had always dreamed of becoming a chocolate taster. I I would be very happy if I were a chocolate taster. The only disadvange I can think of is  that I would have to be watching my weight in order not to gain extra kilos :)” Check the video and answer the following questions:

  • What do you think of this job?
  • What did you want to be when you were young?
  • Did you always want to be the same thing, or did it change over the time?
  • What is your dream job? Why?

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