A little planning can make your trip go a lot smoother. At least a week or two before your trip, make a list of what you’ll need to take with you. Make sure your passports are current and that you have enough prescription medications to last through the trip. The following general information about travelling to and around Italy will also help you prepare for a comfortable, hassle-free journey.

Taken from://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g187768-c6672/Italy:Information.To.Make.Travelling.Easier.html

What do you thing the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” means?

After watching the video…what called your attention? Why?

When you travel, do you find it difficult to adjust?


From Writing to Presenting Proposals

A vital part of the work completed in academia is sharing our scholarship with others. Such communication takes place when we present at scholarly conferences, publish in peer-reviewed journals, and publish in books.

We have studied in this supplement how to write a proposal by knowing the types, structure, format and vocabulary. But there is something further, and seems to be a little more complex… presenting your proposal in front of an audience or a committee in your dissertation defense.

I am sure this advice will boost your presentation. I hope this video will be useful for you.

Adapted from: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/752/1/


Tell us about your experience in writing proposals; what, when? have you encountered any difficulties in writing or presenting your proposals? share with us.



Have you ever been phone hacked?

We have been reading about hackers and it brought to my mind the fact that I had never thought that my iphone can also be hacked, so I decided to take precautions and here I share some tips I found with you:

What’s a smartphone owner to do?

If you want to be proactive, there are several measures you can take to protect yourself against phone hacking, most of which involve common sense. For example:

  • Don’t leave your phone unattended in a public place.
  • Be sure to change the default password that comes with a new phone to something more complex (resist the usual “1234,” “0000” and 2580)
  • Avoid using unprotected Bluetooth networks and turn off your Bluetooth service when you aren’t using it.
  • Use a protected app to store pin numbers and credit cards, or better yet, don’t store them on the phone at all.

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

If you’re still worried about hacking, there are further steps you can take to protect yourself. However, taking things too far will defeat the purpose of having a smartphone at all.

  • Avoid accessing important locations such as bank accounts via public Wi-Fi that may not be secure.
  • Turn off your auto complete feature so critical personal data isn’t stored on the phone and must be re-entered every time you need it.
  • Regularly delete your browsing history, cookies and cache so your virtual footprint is not available for prying eyes.

Taken from http://www.webroot.com/us/en/home/resources/articles/mobile-security/mobile-how-to-prevent-phone-hacking-and-sleep-like-a-baby-again







Have you ever been phone/computer hacked? What happened?

Tell us briefly.

Which are some of the ways hackers can be dangerous/ useful to society?

Do you think that computer communication desensitizes us? Why? Why not?

I kindly invite you to participate. I’ll be waiting for yur posts:)



Helpful Tips for Writing an Abstract

  1. Identify the Problem and Research Solution-The abstract should have an opening that identifies that particular subject matter and how the research that you have done will provide a solution. It is very important to make this clear in the initial sentence or two of the abstract as people want to know immediately what the dissertation is about.
  2. Stick to the Word Count– In general, an abstract is usually no more than 250 words. It is important to keep the word count in mind when writing an abstract. Knowing that you only have 250 words to summarize your entire dissertation can prevent you from being overly descriptive.
  3. Include Information on Methods and Results – Part of the abstract should briefly mention the methods and results that pertain to your topic. The method is basically the type of research you did, and the results are what was learned or created as a result of the methods.

adapted from: http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/grammar-rules-and-tips/helpful-tips-for-writing-an-abstract.htm


Have you ever had to write an abstract? If so, what type? What for? When?

What do you consider the most difficult part of an abstract? Why?



People’s faces light up when somebody says “I taste chocolate for a living”, but it’s not always delicious. I also have to taste defective chocolate, which might have a bitter or burned flavor. I’m usually in a small room, not allowed to talk, and parked in front of a computer to log information. Sometimes the room has red lighting to disguise the appearance of the chocolate, so I can evaluate it only by taste, not appearance.

Adapted from——–Gioretta Gianjorrio- professional chocolate taster. https://www.rd.com/food/fun/professional-chocolate-tasters/

In the above excerpt we can more or less figure out how this job can be. It’s not as sweet as we could imagine. Is it a dream job? Is it for you the coolest?

What did you want to be when you were young? Did you always want to be the same thing? Do you think social media websites(e.g linkedin) are important tools in modern day job-hunts? Why? Why not?

30/10/13: Welcome!

Welcome to the blog that has been specifically designed for Comprensión Lectora en Inglés – Course CLECV Plus 1 – administered by Idiomas Católica.

This blog aims at providing opportunities for participants to exchange information related to the course. Although our reading course is not meant to develop oral or written communication skills, we have noticed that many of you can and wish to “have your say” in English about issues that we look at in the course. Your participation in this blog can award you up to 5 points in the assessment area labelled Tareas de Evaluación Continua.

Ready to begin? It is easy. The questions on the next message are waiting to be answered! You may want to participate twice. The first time, just write your answers to the questions. The second time, you are supposed to reply somebody else’s answer.

Enjoy the experience!


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