Guidelines of cultural policy

Very important document for the planification of  projects in Perú:

The existence of the Ministry of Culture recognizes the importance of the role that culture should play in State’s policies as an integrating element of society and a generator of development and change, aimed at strengthening democracy with active participation of citizens inspired in fundamental values that lead to peaceful coexistence and national integration.

Culture, in fact, is a key player in the formation of a society with better quality of life, a society more critical with its history and of itself.

To work and achieve its goals and objectives, the Ministry of Culture has proposed seven specific work guidelines, each if them followed by an action plan to be developed in 2013-2016.

The guidelines are:

  1. Promote an intercultural perspective
  2. Promote citizenship
  3. Strengthen institutionality
  4. Encourage the creation
  5. Defense and social appropriation of heritage
  6. Support cultural industries
  7. Promote and disseminate arts”.

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