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The Caral Archaeological Zone (HAZ ) or Executive Unit No. 003 is a public entity created by Supreme Decree N º 003 -2003- ED of February 14, 2003 , ratified by Law No. 28690 of March 18, 2006 , which has full autonomy of scientific, administrative and financial management. It is the institutionalization of work over the years has developed a multidisciplinary team, led by Dr. Ruth Shady .

The Caral archeological site is responsible for research , conservation and promotion of social and cultural values ​​of the Caral civilization in 11 settlements : Caral, Chupacigarro , Miraya , Lurihuasi , Allpacoto , Era de Pando , Pueblo Nuevo , El Molino, Aspero , Vichama and Piedra Parada . And is responsible for preserving the important archaeological heritage of the Caral civilization , for the benefit of present and future populations , the enhancement with integrated vision , and activities defined in the Master Plan to promote development in their area of influence, with impact on the regional and national society.

Preserving the environment and natural resources , archaeological research , simultaneously with the preservation and dissemination of the values ​​of the monumental sites , the revaluation of intangible culture , recovery of knowledge and appropriate technologies is included in the Master Plan promotion of organic farming , manufacturing of handicraft products with cultural identity and tourism services .


Research, preserve and disseminate the historical, cultural and social values ​​of the archaeological heritage of the original civilizing process occurred in Peru, and promote comprehensive and sustainable socioeconomic development in the surrounding villages, under the guidelines of the Master Plan, with a multidisciplinary approach.


The investigated and preserved archaeological sites are presented in a natural setting  and in a developed and prosperous social context , that respects cultural tradition. In that link the present and past made better projections to the future with better perspective and safety overcoming poverty and social exclusion.


  • Spreading the social history of the oldest civilization in America through cultural heritage.
  • Give special attention to the integrity and authenticity of the archaeological evidence.
  • Intervening with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Working with social responsibility and contribute to overcoming poverty.
  • Preserving archaeological heritage.

 Website: http://www.caralperu.gob.pe/



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