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Archaeological Textile Studies
California Institute for Peruvian Studies

Bryn Mawr College
Join us for the CIPS Archaeological Textile Course this summer at Bryn Mawr College! This one-week course (June 5th – 11th, 2011) centers on the tools and techniques employed in the analysis of archaeological textile materials of ancient Peru and introduces students to the archaeology of the Andes.

Students will learn to identify, analyze and document the features of ancient textiles (fiber, spin and ply structure, weave structure, iconography, and various other techniques) by examining archaeological textiles from various sites in Peru and by learning how to spin and weave the Andean way. The course includes lectures on the art and archaeology of pre-Columbian Andean cultures, guest lectures by archaeologists and fiber artists, and field trips to local museums.

This course is suited to art and archaeology students, museum professionals and textile enthusiasts of any age.

For more information, contact Anne Tiballi at

With information of Anne Tiballi, PhD
Director of Archaeological Textile Studies
California Institute for Peruvian Studies


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