Call for papers/Convocatoria

Call for Papers:
Editor: Dr Jane Carnaffan and Dr Fernando González-Velarde
Key Words: Environmental, cultural and socio-economic sustainability in tourism contexts.

This special issue proposes original theoretical approaches to the study of tourism and suggests a multi-scalar analysis in order to examine tourism’s interactions with neoliberal paradigms at the international, national and local levels. We advance this approach as revealing the workings of power and resistance through transnational networks of finance and discourse in ways that are not possible when presenting isolated case-studies. Many studies of tourism represent a ‘jump in scale’ from the international to the local in that they ignore specificities of the national context. Therefore, the contributors to this collection concentrate on one Latin American country, Peru, in order to underscore the importance of national nuances in the study of tourism. We believe that this perspective promotes a greater understanding of the complex relationship between neo-liberalism and grounded, embodied experiences. That is, environments and cultures are transformed into exploitable tourist products with great market value, regardless of the implications of this process for local people and places. The key themes covered in this special issue include: national branding and place making in tourism, authenticity and cultural sustainability in neo-liberal tourism regimes, environmental sustainability and tourism development, community resistance to market integration through tourism development and multi-scalar approaches to power and policy making.

We invite potential contributors to submit abstracts of approximately 300 words to the co-editors Jane Carnaffan and Fernando González at the email addresses and by the 31st May 2016.

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