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It’s interesting to thing about the antonymous words. Each one has in our mind some concepts about that but really in some occasions we are really confused. For instance some people opposite the color black with the color white sometimes but indeed what kind of opposite meanings have this concept. Are these words having opposite meanings? Basically that is the use of the antonymous words. Nevertheless there are a lot of words that would be in these misunderstandings. For example:

High – Low
Relaxing – Stretching
Good looking – Ugly
Thin – Fat
Pacific – Temperamental
Relaxed – Worried
Smart – Dumb
Woman – Man
Young – Old
Thoughtful – Selfish

The idea is ask about whether this words meaning the opposite that the other. The pair Thin – Fat is very interesting. I mean, I know I am fat, in these days at least, and to the other hand my soul mate is thin but her thinness isn’t a opposition to my physical contexture. In other words the fact to be thin or fat never mind and these meanings don’t do opposite actions or have opposite meanings. Well, so what are our antonymous? I thought a little bit and found really few, here some of them:

Bad – Good
Bright – Dark
Light – Darkness
Action – reaction

I expect to have been clear and hope some comments.

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