BREAKING: Senate Dems Block Anti-Iran Deal Bill, Deal to Move Forward

Forty-two Democratic senators voted to filibuster the bill that would have halted the deal President Obama and several international partners signed with Iran limiting that country’s nuclear capabilities. The vote effectively kills the bill, meaning the deal will move forward.

The fate of the bill has not been in doubt since last week, when enough Democratic senators expressed enough support to sustain President Obama’s promised veto of the bill.

The bill is the result of a deal Obama struck with Republicans to give them a 60-day review process of the deal with Iran. But Republicans have opposed the deal from the start. At a rally on the steps of Congress yesterday, presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, along with Sarah Palin and other GOP luminaries, decried the deal and urged Republicans in Congress to do anything in their power to kill it.

The deal limits Iran’s ability to obtain or process uranium and plutonium for 15 years and opens the country’s nuclear facilities to inspections. Some Democrats, including Charles Schumer, the likely next head of the party’s Senate caucus, opposed the deal, but the overwhelming majority of Democrats support President Obama’s move to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


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