BREAKING: Anti-Gay County Clerk Kim Davis Ordered to Appear in Court Read

A federal judge has ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to appear in court along with her deputy clerks to explain why she shouldn’t be held in contempt of court, according to Kentucky’s Lexington Herald-Leader.

Same-sex couples who were denied marriage licenses filed the motion so that Davis could be found in contempt of court and fined.

It’s really come to this. Davis could face jail time or be slapped with a hefty fine all because she refused to actually do her job.

UPDATE: I Feel Sorry for Kim Davis

The whole time that she has been turning same-sex couples away, Davis has been collecting a paycheck for duties she has failed to execute.

That paycheck comes from taxpayers. Some of whom, I’m willing to bet, are gay.

Kim Davis made her bed.

Now she has to lie in it.

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