Once upon a time was a pair of middle aged doves, male and female, that met without imagining for a moment that they were going to know each other.

These human birds exchange their funny and stabbing lives.  Why not?  Yes, the Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde had a true friend, the swallow that gave its life for him.  They began to recognize themselves, achieving a beautiful and deep friendship, caring always of one another. 

With time and without realizing it they called that friendship mystery and grace, they decided to fly together far away, until they arrived to heaven.  They lived in that paradise without looking back.

Past the dream in an inscrutable burst of conscience, they realized that they had to fix the issues they had on earth, in order to enter into heaven eternally, which paradoxically was a universe with no heaven.

They decided to separate to start their trips again as exiles, guided only by their dreams.  As the poet says: “sometimes dreams become incarnated in our lives”

They never renounced their friendship, until their departure, headed into the unknown, towards the poetic death: the most real of the deaths

Manuel Piqueras, “The Dove´s Death”, in Paradoxes of Solitude. Lima: 2012. 

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