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Mis Reseñas de Novelas Coreanas + Reproductor de OST On-line – KDRAMAS

Attic Cat
Bad Love
Boys Over Flowers
Coffee Prince
Dream High
Escalera al Cielo
Full House
I Love You
I’m Sorry, I Love You
My Girl
My Name is Kim Sam-soon
Playful Kiss
The Truth
Todo Sobre Eva
Un Deseo en las Estrellas
Una Joya en el Palacio
We Are Dating Now
Winter Sonata
You’re Beautiful

Mis Reseñas de Películas Coreanas + Trailer – KMOVIES

200 Pounds Of Beauty
A Moment to Remember
Baby and I
Marrying High School Girl
My Sassy Girl
She Is On Duty
Speedy Scandal
The King and the Clown
Tie A Yellow Ribbon

Fichas de Actores

Ahn Jae-wook
Bae Yong-joon
Gong Yu
Hyun Bin
Jang Dong-gun
Jang Geun-seok
Kim Hyun-joong
Kim Jeong-hoon
Lee Dong-gun
Lee Dong-wook
Lee Min-ho
Lee Jun-ki
So Ji-sub
Song Seung-heon
Kwon Sang-woo

Fichas de Actrices

Chae Rim
Choi Ji-woo
Han Ga-in
Han Ji-hye
Jung Da-bin
Kim Sun-ah
Lee Da-hae
Park Shin-hye
Song Hye-kyo
Sung Yu-ri
Yoon Eun-hye

Letras Romanizadas + Traducidas + Video – KPOP

Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños (en coreano)
2NE1 – “Fire”
2NE1 – “Go Away”
2NE1 – “I Don’t Care”
2NE1 – “Try To Copy Me”
Andy – “Love Song”
Baby V.O.X – “What Should I Do?”
Baek Ji-young – “Love You Not”
Big Bang – “Day by Day” ó “Haru Haru”
Big Bang – “Heaven”
Big Bang – “Last Goodbye”
Big Bang & 2NE1 – “Lollipop”
Big Bang – “Oh Ah Oh!”
BoA – “No.1”
Buzz – “Don’t Say Goodbye”
Carnival – “Dream of a Goose”
Chakra – “For You I Will”
C.N.Blue – “I will…forget you…”
C.N.Blue – “Now or Never”
Dong Bang Shin Ki, BoA & The TRAX – “Triangle”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Because It’s Yours” ó “I Wish”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Hi Ya Ya Summer Day”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Hug”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “I Believe”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Like Weather”/”Fox Rain”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Mirotic”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Rising Sun”
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Wish”
Epik High – “Fly”
Fin K.L. – “Always Like This Moment”
Fin K.L. – “Blue Rain”
Fin K.L. – “Fin K.L.”
Fin K.L. – “Forever Love”
Fin K.L. – “Ruby”
Fin K.L. – “To My Prince”
Fly to the Sky – “Sea of Love”
F.T. Island – “It’s Love”
G-Dragon – “Heartbreaker”
GD & TOP – “Don’t Go Home”
H.O.T – “Candy”
H.O.T – “Full of Happiness”
Jang Na-ra – “I’m Woman Too”
Jang Na-ra – “Say Goodbye”
Jang Ri-in & Xiah Jun-su – “Timeless”
Jewelry – “I like you so much”
Jo Song-mo – “To Heaven”
JTL – “Just Say Goodbye”
Kim Bum-soo – “A Day” (actúan: Song Hye-kyo, Ji Jin-hee, Song Seung-heon)
Kim Hyun-joong – “Please Treat Me Well”
Kim Jeong-hoon – “In Your Eyes”
Lee Hyo-ri (junto a: Nassun)- “U Go Girl”
Lee Jun-ki – “Foolish Love”
Lee Jun-ki – “One Word”
Loveholic – “Sad Story”
L.E.O (junto a: Kim Hyung-joon) – “Love Train”
Mate – “Longing”
Paran – “First Love”
Park Hye-kyoung – “Yesterday”
Park Jung-min (junto a: Jisun) – “If You Cannot”
Position – “By You Just Being In This World” (actúa: Lee Wan)
Rain – “I Do”
Rain – “Love Story”
Rain – “Rainism”
SeeYa – “Crazy Love Song”
SeeYa – “Ice Doll”
SeeYa – “Love’s Greeting”
SeeYa – “Love Song”
SeeYa – “Scent of a Woman”
SeeYa – “Shoes”
S.E.S – “I Love You”
SG Wannabe – “Partner for Life”
SHINee – “Nuna is very pretty”
Shin Min-chul (junto a: Kim Jun) – “Why Is It So?”
SNSD – “Girls’ Generation”
SNSD – “Kissing You”
SNSD – “Tinkerbell”
Son Ho-young – “My Heart Is In Heaven”
SS501 – “A Song Calling For You”
SS501 – “Love Like This (To Me)”
SS501 – “Obsess”
SS501 – “Warning”
Super Junior – “It’s You”
U-kiss – “I Like You”
U-kiss – “Not Young”
U-kiss – “So easy”
U-kiss – “Talk To Me”
UN – “Gift”
UN – “Honeymoon”
UN – “To Her”
U;nee – “Call Call Call”
Wonder Girls – “Irony”
Wonder Girls – “Nobody”
Wonder Girls – “So Hot”
Wonder Girls – “Tell Me”
Xing Opera – “Memorize”
Yoon Eun-hye & Lee Dong-gun – “Salad Song”

Letras Romanizadas + Traducidas + Video – KDRAMAS

90 Days, Time to Love OST:
JM – “Love is Leaving”

Attic Cat OST:
True Bird- “Come Back To Me”

Bad Love OST:
JUST – “Addicted”
MAC – “Oh My Love”
Shin Hye-sung – “You’re Wind”
Tei – “Sad Heart”
Yoon Mi-rae (Tasha / T) – “Crying Without Words”

Boys Before Flowers OST #1: [Completo!]
Ashily – “Lucky”
Kim Yu-kyung – “Starlight Tears”
Seo Jin-young – “A Little”
Shinee – “Stand By Me”
Someday – “Do You Know?”
SS501 – “Because I’m Stupid”
T-Max – “Paradise”
Tree Bicycle – “One More Time”

Boys Before Flowers OST #2:
AST’1 – “Yearning of the heart”
HowL – “Love U”
Ji-sun – “What To Do?”
SS501 – “Making a Lover”
T- Max – “Say Yes”
T-Max – “Wish Ur My Love”

Boys Before Flowers OST #2.5:
A&T – “The Heart Seemed to Do It Somehow”
Kim Hyun-joong – “Happiness”
T-Max – “Makes Me Have a Bad Heart”

Boys Before Flowers F2 Special OST:
Kim Jun (junto a: Kim Jo-han) – “Empty Bet”
Lee Min-ho – “My Everything”

Coffee Prince OST:
As One – “White Love Story”
Tearliner (junto a Yo Jo) – “Go Go Chan!!”
The Melody – “La La La, It’s Love!”
>Otras canciones:
Han Dong-joon – “I Love You”

DalJa’s Spring OST:
M.R.J – “Bad Love”

Delightful Girl, Chun-hyang OST:
Kim Hyung-sub – “I Love You”
As One – “Do I have to Apologize”

Dream High OST:
Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy – “Dream High”
Chang-min & Jin-woon (2AM) – “Can’t I Love You?”

East of Eden OST:
SG Wannabe (junto a: Kim Jong-wook) – “Fate Reverse”

El Fénix OST:
Lee Seung-chul – “Fate”
Namoo – “After That Day”
Shin Jae-hong – “Love For You”

Escalera al Cielo OST:
Jang Jeong-woo – “Heaven’s Memory”
Jang Jung-woo – “Just That”
Kim Bum-soo – “Bogoshipda”

Full House OST:
Byeol – “I Think I”
WHY – “Fate”
>Otras canciones:
Lee Bo-ram – “In The Begining Spot”
Sha La La
Song Hye-kyo & Rain – “Three Bear’s Song” [la canción de los 3 osos]

God of Study OST:
Ji-yeon (T-ara) – “Rolling”

Goong OST:
HowL & J – “Perhaps Love”
Stay – “You & I Are Fools”
>Otras canciones:
HowL – “Parrot”

Hanoi Bride OST:
Park Hwayobi – “At Any Time”

Hong Gil Dong OST:
TaeYeon(SNSD) – “If”

I Love You OST:
Lyn – “Do You Know”

Iljimae OST:
Park Hyo-shin – “Flower Letter”
Woong San – “Fate”

I’m Sorry, I Love You OST:
Park Hyo-shin – “Snow Flower”

La Mujer de mi Esposo OST:
The One (Jung Sun-won) – “Love”

Mary Stayed Up All Night OST:
Jang Geun-seok – “My Precious”

My Girl OST:
Jo Kwan-woo – “The Mermaid Who Loves The Shark”
Kyo – “About Thirty Times”
Lee Ji-soo – “Love Is Difficult”
Mario & Nasty – “Never Say Goodbye”
Song Bo-ram – “Happy Happy”
Tree Bicycle – “Always”
Yeon-woo – “From The Beginning”

My name is Kim Sam-soon OST: [Completo!]
Clazziquai – “Be My Love”
Clazziquai – “She Is”
Jo Yong-won – “Farewell”
JUST – “A Love I Can’t Let Go”
Kim Jung-eun – “Inside My Heart”
Loveholic – “A Separation That Couldn’t Start”
>Otras canciones:
Seo Yu-seok – “Beautiful Person”

Que Sera Sera OST:
Alex(Clazziquai) – “Night Time”

Partner OST:
Super Junior K.R.Y – “Dream of Being a Hero”

Pasta OST:
Kyu-hyun (Super Junior) – “Listen… to you”

Personal Taste OST:
Younha – “No way”

Playful Kiss OST:
G.NA – “Kiss Me”
Kim Hyun-joong – “One More Time”

Sad Love Story OST:
Yun-geon – “Will You Come To Me?”

Snow White OST:
Seo Sang-in – “I love you… so much that I can’t love you”

Style OST:
Ryu Shi-won (junto a: Kim Jin-pyo) – “You & I”

Summer Scent OST:
Jeong In-ho – “Say Yes, Your Scent”
Jeong In-ho – “Secret”
Seo Jin-young – “Second Love”

Super Rookie OST
Choi Jin-young – “Lacking Love”

Taewangsashingi OST: [Completo!]
Dong Bang Shin Ki – “Thousand Years Love Song”
Jun Seo – “Approval”

The Devil OST:
Park Hak-gi – “The Scent of Light”

The Snow Queen OST:
Choi Won-jun – “Poor Man”
Kang Song-min – “First Snow”
Loveholic – “Echo”

Thousand Years of Love OST:
Zino – “… love (Guardian Angel)”

Time Between Dog and Wolf OST:
Lee Soo (MC The Max) – “Foolish Heart”

Todo Sobre Eva OST:
Fin K.L. – “True Love”

Un Deseo en las Estrellas OST
Ahn Jae-wook – “Forever”
Jo Jang-hyuk – “If You Leave Me”
Lim Ha-young – “Always Beside You”

When It’s At Night OST:
M To M – “To My Dreams”

Which Star Are You From? OST:
Lee Jae-ho – “Sweet Love”

Winter Sonata OST:
Ryu – “Moment”
Ryu – “My Memory”

Witch Yu-hui OST:
Lee Sung-wook – “Destiny”
MC Jinri (junto a: HaHa) – “Fate’s Game”

Wonderful Life OST:
Gi Hu – “It’s You”

You’re Beautiful OST #1:
A.N.JEEL – “Promise”
Lee Hong-ki – “Still”
Miss $ (junto a: Oh Won-bin) – “Descend from the sky”
Park Shin-hye – “Lovely Day”

You’re Beautiful OST #2:
Jang Geun-seok – “Without Words”
Park Da-ye – “What should I do?”
Park Sang-woo – “A song for a fool”

Letras Romanizadas + Traducidas + Video – KMOVIES

200 Pounds of Beauty OST:
Kim Ah-jung – “Star”

…ing OST:
Lee Seung-yeol – “Wait”

I’m a Cyborg but It’s Ok:
Rain – “With U”

Duelist OST:
Lee Seung-ryeol – “Shadow”
Park Ki-young – “Love Song”

More Than Blue OST:
Lee Seung-chul – “No One Else”

My Sassy Girl OST:
Shin Seung-hun – “I Believe”

Biografías Cantantes & Grupos + Reproductor de canciones On-line

Baby V.O.X
Big Bang
Dong Bang Shin Ki
Fin K.L.
Jang Na-ra
Wonder Girls

Zona Descargas!

K-POP (39+TOP 2008+TOP 2009) + Videos (21) + OST (19 + temas específicos):


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