Machine Learning at Coursera: Week 10

Large Scale Machine Learning - cousera machine learning week 10

Large Scale Machine Learning

  • e.g. Census data, Website traffic data
  • Can we train on 1000 examples instead of 100 000 000? Plot
  • If high variance, add more examples
    If high bias, add extra features

Gradient Descent with Large Datasets

  • G.D. = batch gradient descent
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • cost function = cost of theta wrt a specific example (x^i, y^i). Measures how well the hypothesis works on that example.
  • May need to loop over the entire dataset 1-10 times

Mini-Batch Gradient Descent

  • Batch gradient descent: Use all m examples in each iteration
  • Stochastic gradient descent: Use 1 example in each iteration
  • Mini-batch gradient descent: Use b examples in each iteration
  • typical range for b = 2-100 (10 maybe)
  • Mini-batch Gradient Descent allows vectorized implementation
    Can partially parallelize the computation

Advanced Topics

Stochastic G.D. convergence

  • every 1000 iterations we can plot the costs averaged over te last 1000 examples
  • Learning Rate, smaller learning rate means smaller oscillations (plot)
    average over more examples, 5000, may get a smoother curve
  • If curve is increasing, should use smaller learning rate
  • Learning Rate
    alpha = const 1 / ( iterationNumer + const2 )

Online Learning

  • continuous stream of data
  • e.g. 1. shipping service, from origin and destination, optimize the price we offer
    • x = feature vector (price, origin, destination)
      y = if they chose to use our service or not
  • e.g. 2. product search
    • input: “Android phone 1080p camera”
    • we want to offer 10 phones per query
    • learning predicted click through rate (CTR)

Map Reduce and Data Parallelism

  • Hadoop
  • Use local CPU to look at local data
  • Massive data parallelism
  • Free text, unstructured data
  • sentiment analysis
  • NoSQL
  • MongoDB



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